Borrowed Planet – a cycle of documentary films and multimedia works.

"We have not inherited our Planet from our fathers. We have lent it from our children.”

Human race has reached an amazing technical progress. But human mental development has fatally remained behind. We have still been controlled by our greediness, the reason we keep on devastating the core of our existence – our Planet.

We are not even able to notice the changes on dry land. However the world oceans and inland waters are being changed right in front of us. The changes are dramatically fast. The whole ecosystems, coral reefs, fish populations, and sea animals are dying out.

Our Planet is dying.

In 1992 the UN signed Sustainable Development Declaration. The EU has accepted sustainable development as its horizontal priority. By it the EU has confirmed there`s nothing more important than this at the moment.
Upbringing a new human generation plays here a key role.

The documentary cycle “Lent Planet” has an ambition to help this upbringing.

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